BCI runs a segregated mixed-purpose network, providing fixed wireless residential service and transiting for other locations in addition to managed services for select clients.
BCI also runs a significant amount of publicly available services for its stakeholders.

We are present on several internet exchanges and would love to peer with you:

  • SIX, USA (live)
  • KleyreX, Germany (live)
  • SPEED-IX, Netherlands (live)
  • LINX, United Kingdom (live)
  • LONAP, United Kingdom (live)
  • KCIX, USA (Winter 2018)
  • NWAX, USA (Winter 2019)
  • DECIX, Germany (Winter 2019)
  • Any2 Los Angeles, USA (Winter 2019)
Do you have a concern? We run a very strict and clean network.
  • 24x7: bci-abuse@bandlecity.org
    messages sent as high priority will be forwarded to a third party service, pagerduty
  • 10x6: bci-admin@bandlecity.org

Bandle City Internet LLC
372 Old St, EC1V 9AU, London, UK